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Boy Swallows Universe Soundtrack. Complete List of Songs / Music from the serie

Boy Swallows Universe Soundtrack. Songs Music from Season 1 Soundtrack 2024 Netflix. What is the name of the song played in the episodes. Complete List of Songs, by episodes, with Music Samples, opening and closing credits and Trailer Songs. Listen to the Soundtrack.

Boy Swallows Universe Music Episode 1
Boy Swallows Universe Music Episode 2
Boy Swallows Universe Music Episode 3
Boy Swallows Universe Music Episode 4
Boy Swallows Universe Music Episode 5
Boy Swallows Universe Music Episode 6
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Season 1: Episode 1 Songs – ‘Boy Smells Rat’ S01E01

1. Listen the Music The Unguarded Moment (Acoustic) – The Church

2. Listen the Music Ruby Tuesday – The Rolling Stones

3. Listen the Music I Send A Message – INXS

Season 1: Episode 2 Songs – ‘Boy Gets Chop’ S01E02

1. Listen the Music Be Good Johnny – Men At Work

2. Listen the Music Australian National Anthem – Matthew Hetheringtom

3. Are You Right? – Nothin’ Suss

4. Steppin’ Out – BSU House Band & Ramil Jr Dinapo

5. Knock On Wood – BSU House Band & Trang Trinh

Season 1: Episode 3 Songs – ‘Run Boy Run’ S01E03

1. Listen the Music Golden Brown – The Stranglers

2. Listen the Music Horror Movie – Skyhooks

3. Listen the Music Give A Little Bit – Roger Hodgson

4. Listen the Music I’ll Be Gone – Spectrum

Season 1: Episode 4 Songs – ‘Boy Loses Dad’ S01E04

1. Listen the Music Crazy Little Girl – Donald Height

2. Listen the Music Reckless – Australian Crawl

Season 1: Episode 5 Songs – ‘Boy Takes Flight’ S01E05

1. Listen the Music If I Needed You – Townes Van Zandt

2. Listen the Music Only You – Yazoo

3. Listen the Music I Believe In Father Christmas – Greg Lake

4. Listen the Music Angels We Have Heard on High – The Miller Family Choir

5. Listen the Music Silent Night – The Miller Family Choir

6. Listen the Music Ruby Tuesday – The Rolling Stones

7. Listen the Music Am I ever Gonna See Your Face Again – The Angels

8. Listen the Music The First Noel – The Miller Family Choir

Season 1: Episode 6 Songs – ‘Boy Seeks Work’ S01E06

1. Listen the Music Boys Will Be Boys – Choirboys

2. Listen the Music The Piano Has Been Drinking – Tom Waits

3. Listen the Music Power And The Passion – Midnight Oil

Season 1: Episode 7 Songs – ‘Boy Meets End’ S01E07

1. Listen the Music Boys In town – Divinyls

2. Listen the Music Devil Inside – INXS

3. Listen the Music Pressure Sway – Machinations

4. Listen the Music Lost In Love – Air Supply

5. Listen the Music Desire – Talve

6. Listen the Music It Must Be Love – Labi Siffre

About Boy Swallows Universe:

“Boy Swallows Universe” is a new Netflix miniseries based on Trent Dalton’s semi-autobiographical novel of the same name. It takes us to 1980s Brisbane, Australia, where we meet Eli Bell, a precocious 12-year-old boy navigating a turbulent world.

A Sun-Kissed, Yet Gritty Setting: 1980s Brisbane isn’t all sunshine and beaches. Eli’s suburb is rough around the edges, with plenty of poverty and crime lurking beneath the surface. Think sun-bleached houses, dusty streets, and a palpable sense of unease.

Eli’s Tumultuous Family: Eli’s life is far from picture-perfect. His father has vanished, leaving his mother struggling with addiction. His stepfather is a heroin dealer, and his mute brother, Gus, adds another layer of complexity to the family dynamic.

Danger and Intrigue: The world around Eli is full of shady characters and perilous situations. He encounters notorious criminals, corrupt cops, and other unsavory elements, forcing him to grow up fast and navigate the underbelly of society.

A Touch of Magic: Despite the gritty backdrop, “Boy Swallows Universe” isn’t devoid of hope and wonder. Eli’s journey is sprinkled with moments of magic and imagination, as he seeks solace and escape in books, films, and his own vivid dreams.

Coming-of-Age with a Bite: This isn’t your typical coming-of-age story. Eli’s challenges are harsh and unforgiving, pushing him to confront difficult truths about himself and the world around him. Yet, his resilience and determination to protect his loved ones make him a deeply relatable and inspiring protagonist.

Critical Acclaim: “Boy Swallows Universe” has garnered positive reviews for its powerful story, captivating performances, and evocative portrayal of 1980s Australia. If you’re looking for a gritty yet heartwarming drama with a unique voice, this miniseries is definitely worth checking out.
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Boy Swallows Universe Music Songs Season 1

Season 1 Release date:

– January 11, 2024 on Netflix

Cast of Boy Swallows Universe:

– Travis Fimmel as Lyle Orlik, Simon Baker as Robert Bell, Phoebe Tonkin as Frances Bell, Felix Cameron as Eli Bell, Zac Burgess as older Eli Bell, Lee Tiger Halley as Gus Bell, Bryan Brown as Slim Halliday, Anthony LaPaglia as Tytus Broz, Sophie Wilde as Caitlyn Spies, Christopher James Baker as Ivan Kroll, HaiHa Le as Bich Dang, Deborah Mailman as Poppy Birkbeck, Ben O’Toole as Teddy, Emily Eskell as PC Daley, Zachary Wan as Darren Dang, Millie Donaldson as Shelly Huffman (17 years old), Eloise Rothfield as Shelly Huffman (13 years old), Matthew Knight as Prison guard, Isaac Strutt-Stevens as Christopher, Drew Matthews as Titch, Peter Phan as Tony Leung

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Info: BOY SWALLOWS UNIVERSE is an Australian Crime Drama Mystery TV show from Netflix based on Boy Swallows Universe by Trent Dalton. The season 1 of the show will premiere on January 2024. You can check out and listen to the complete list of credited songs and the soundtrack above.
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