East New York Soundtrack (2022)

Complete List of Songs / Music from the serie East New York

East New York Songs from the TV Serie Soundtrack 2022 Season 1 CBS. Complete List of Songs, by episodes, with Music Samples, opening and closing credits and Trailer Songs. Listen to the Soundtrack.

East New York Episode 1
East New York Episode 2
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Episode 1 – S01E01 – Pilot

  • Like This – Young Devyn
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  • Boom Bam – Team Salut
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    Episode 2 – S01E02 – Misdemeanor Homicide

  • Watch Me Go – RUSL & Ark Woods
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  • Black Wall Street – Killumantii
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  • King Kong – Reevo
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  • Episode 3 – S01E03 – The Small Things

  • Werk (feat. London Elixir) – J Nolan
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  • Talk Heavy – Unlike Pluto & Mike Taylor
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  • Back – Milah & Boi Blue
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  • That Was Yesterday – Leon Bridges
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    Episode 4 – S01E04 – Snapped

  • Promises – Ural Thomas & the Pain
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  • Episode 5 – S01E05 – Going Commando

  • Sorry I’m Late – Caino
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  • Bop (feat. Truth) – O.D. Hunte
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  • Mini-Skirt – Henry Brooks
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    Episode 6 – S01E06 – Court On The Street

  • No Audio Preview My Day My Life – Gin Wigmore

  • Grita La Gente – Rabia Ciega
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  • No Audio Preview Here I Am – Judith Hill

    Episode 7 – S01E07 – Best Served Cold

  • Episode 8 – S01E08 – CompStat Interruptus

    Cast of East New York: Kevin Rankin as Detective Tommy Killian, Richard Kind as Captain Stan Yenko, Elizabeth Rodriguez as Detective Crystal Morales, Olivia Luccardi as Officer Brandy Quinlan, Amanda Warren as Deputy Inspector Regina Haywood, Jimmy Smits as Chief John Suarez, Ruben Santiago-Hudson as Officer Marvin Sandeford, Lavel Schley as Officer Andre Bentley, C.S. Lee as Desk Sergeant Jimmy Kee, Ben Michael Brown as Officer Matthew Lyle, Darien Stills-Evans as Deputy Mayor Reginald Sharpe
    About East New York: Follows the recently promoted police captain of East New York, Regina Haywood, who leads a diverse group of officers and detectives, some of whom are hesitant to deploy her creative methods of serving and protecting. (From IMDb East New York)

    Info: EAST NEW YORK is an police procedural, Crime drama, Serial drama TV serie from CBS created by William Finkelstein and Mike Flynn. The show will premiere on October 2022 and is packed with tracks from music from great artists and bands. You can check out and listen to the complete list of credited songs and the soundtrack above.
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    1. What’s the song playing “Boom-Clap”, when the officer interrupts some kids playing basketball, to ask why they’re not in school…then, starts to play with them? I found their soundtrack list online, but it wasn’t among any of those songs I listened to. Thanks!

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