Five Blind Dates Soundtrack (2024)

Five Blind Dates Soundtrack. To all romantics and tea aficionados! Prime Video’s newest cinematic creation, Five Blind Dates, promises a delightful blend of love, fate, and hilarious mishaps. Buckle up for the story of Lia, a passionate tea shop owner whose failing business gets an unexpected twist. A quirky fortune teller throws her a curveball: finding love is the key to saving her beloved shop!

With the fate of both her business and her heart on the line, Lia embarks on a rollercoaster ride of five blind dates orchestrated by her meddling family and supportive best friend. Prepare for witty banter, awkward encounters, and moments that will make your heart flutter. Will the fortune teller’s prediction come true? The element of destiny adds a touch of intrigue to this charming rom-com.

Five Blind Dates Soundtrack. Songs List

  • 1. Can’t Touch Me Now – Phoenix Dubois, Sunshine Yes! & Rochelle Diamante (Five Blind Dates Trailer Song)

Who composed the Five Blind Dates Soundtrack?

The charming music of Five Blind Dates was brought to life by the collaborative talents of composers Jina Hyojin An and Shirley Song.

Jina Hyojin An, a South Korean composer, has lent her touch to various projects, including Exploding Kittens, XO Kitty, and Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star.

Five Blind Dates Soundtrack (2024)> List of Songs
Five Blind Dates Soundtrack (2024) – Credits: Amazon Prime Video

Shirley Song, known for her work on XO, Kitty (2023), Onward (2020), and The Princess Switch 3 (2021), brings her own distinct style to the Five Blind Dates score.

Together, they crafted a soundtrack that perfectly complements the romantic and comedic themes of the film.

Beyond the love story, Five Blind Dates warms the soul with its heartwarming characters. Lia’s quirky family and loyal best friend provide endless laughs and unwavering support, reminding us of the importance of strong connections. And tea lovers, rejoice! The film is a visual feast, showcasing stunning tea brewing ceremonies and close-ups of delectable teacups that will leave you yearning for a steaming cuppa.

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Five Blind Dates Soundtrack (2024)

Whether you’re single, coupled up, or simply seeking a lighthearted escape, Five Blind Dates is your perfect Valentine’s Day pick-me-up. Celebrate female empowerment with Lia’s journey of self-discovery and determination. So, grab your favorite mug, cozy up on the couch, and get ready for a delightful cinematic adventure. Five Blind Dates premieres on Prime Video on February 13th – don’t miss it!

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