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Funeral For A Dog Soundtrack Songs List

Complete List of Songs / Music from the serie Funeral For A Dog


Episode 1 – S01E01 – Astroland

    Funeral For A Dog cast: Friedrich Mücke as Mark Svensson, Alina Tomnikov as Tuuli Kovero, Albrecht Schuch as Daniel Mandelkern, Daniel Sträßer as Felix Blaumeiser, Ina Geraldine Guy as Kiki Kaufmann, Anne Ratte-Polle as Elisabeth Emmerich, Leonardo Santini as Conti, Anna Favella as Laura, Jonathan Failla as Oscar, Caprice Crawford as Gynecologist, Destin Khari as Eduardo, Pedro Antonio Martínez Ramirez as Lino
    Release date: March 17, 2022 on Sky Atlantic
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    Soundtrack from the TV Serie Funeral For A Dog 2022 Season 1. Complete List of Songs, by episodes, with Music Samples, opening and closing credits and Trailer Songs. Listen to the Soundtrack.

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