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Kitz Soundtrack Songs List

Complete List of Songs / Music from the serie Kitz

S01E06 – Episode 6 – Asche

  • Landlocked Conch Shell (Alternate Version) – Endless Forms
    Blue Comanche – Westerman
    Melody X – Bonaparte

    S01E05 – Episode 5 – Lawinen

  • Sounding The Alarm – Pigeon Detectives
    Raus (DJ Hell Radio Remix) – Wolfram Feat. Yung Hurn & Egyptian Lover
    Home – Somer
    Carry Me – Penelope Trappes
    S01E04 – Episode 4 – Tauwetter

  • Steady Waves – Cross Record
    Tethered, Wrapped Around – Dekker
    Baglaens – Lowly
    Feel More / With Less – Unkle Feat. Liela Moss, Miink & Philip Sheppard
    S01E03 – Episode 3 – Aus der Spur

  • Out On This Road – Wayne William
    Tokyo Moon – AAA+
    Jagwar – Shells

    S01E02 – Episode 2 – Mausefalle

  • Checkpoint (Nie Game Over) – BilderBuch
    Ah Bah D’Accord – Juniore
    Drinkee – Sofi Tukker
    Schickt Mir Die Post – Wanda
    Awoo – Sofi Tukker Feat. Betta Lemme
    Templando – Mexican Institute of Sound
    Kitsch – Bilderbuch
    Und Du Bist Frei (Band Version) – Martin Klein
    S01E01 – Episode 1 – Countdown

  • Jelinek – Wanda
    Champion Styles (Shaolin Cuts Remix) – Shingai
    Voodoo Sonic – Parov Stelar
    Nothing to Say – Savage Gary Feat. Georgia
    Und Du Bist Frei (Band Version) – Martin Klein
    Fashion Model Art – Haiku Hands Feat. Sofi Tukker
    Rich Kids – Faangs
    Kitz cast: Sofie Eifertinger: Lisi Madlmeyer, Valerie Huber: Vanessa, Bless Amada: Dominik Reid, Souhaila Amade: Antonia, Marlene Burow: Patrizia, Souhaila Amade: Antonia, Marlene Burow: Patrizia, Thomas Lettow: Roger, Anton Weil: Leonce, Steffen Wink: Ferdinant von Höhenfeldt, Tatjana Alexander: Mitzi Madlmeyer, Alina Fritsch: Sarah Danhofer, Simone Fuith: Helma, Felix Mayr: Joseph, Zoran Pingel: Kosh, Hans-Maria Darnov: Rentner Franz, Luis Lüps: Bademeister Karli, Miguel Abrantes Ostrowski: Reiner, Aaron Arens: Igor, Laura Egger: Marie, Manuel Kandler: Andreas, Christiane Rücker: Rentnerin, Kathrin Anna Stahl: Sandra Forsell, Jakob Tögel: Ronny, Dan Glazer: Polizist Marco
    Release date: December 31, 2021 on Netflix
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    Soundtrack from the TV Serie Kitz Season 1 2021 . Complete List of Songs, by episodes, with Music Samples, opening and closing credits and Trailer Songs. Listen to the Soundtrack.

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