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The soundtrack to Life and Beth Season 2 music, view and listen to all the songs from the 2024 TV series, listed by episode, with scene descriptions, entire tracklist from the Hulu series.

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Season 2: Episode 1 Songs – ‘Trust Me’ S02E01

1. Vegetables – The Beach Boys
2. Fire Door – Ani DiFranco
3. I Wonder – Blind Melon
4. I’m In the Band – Bratmobile
5. Oh S***t – The Pharcyde
6. One Margarita (Margarita Song) – That Chick Angel, Casa Di & Steve Terrell
7. A True Love – David Lavaysse & Laure Darves Botton
8. Listen To The Band – The Monkees

Season 2: Episode 2 Songs – ‘Who Dat?’ S02E02

1. Drama – 79rs Gang
2. Get Down Low (feat. Patty Monroe) – Daniel Lobel


Season 2: Episode 3 Songs – ‘Nothing Can Get Me Down’ S02E03

1. You Rascal You – Hanni El Khatib
2. Can’t We Be Friends – Ella Fitzgerald
3. Here And Now – Letters to Cleo
4. Down On The Town – Cromwell
5. Life Is Like A Ball Game – Katie Webster & Rockin’ Sidney
6. Your Gravy Train – Claude Shermack
7. You Had Time – Ani DiFranco
8. There’s No Home For You Here – The White Stripes

Season 2: Episode 4 Songs – ‘This Soup is Gonna Be Good’ S02E04

1. Peace Like A River – Paul Simon
2. Thirteen – Big Star


Season 2: Episode 5 Songs – ‘Claire’ S02E05

1. Rewind (Echo Mountain Sessions) – Sylvan Esso
2. Steal Away – Robbie Dupree
3. Mine Forever – Lord Huron


Season 2: Episode 6 Songs – ‘The Work’ S02E06

1. Eternal Flame – The Bangles

Season 2: Episode 7 Songs – ‘That’s What Friends Are For’ S02E07

1. Give Love Another Try – Claudette McLean
2. Genevieve – Cymande
3. I Enjoy Being A Girl – Peggy Lee
4. Lotta Love – Neil Young


Season 2: Episode 8 Songs – ‘Shower’ S02E08

1. S.O.B. – Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats
2. Why Don’t You Go Home – Diane Ward & The Kevin Fingier Collective
3. How Many Times Have You Broken My Heart? – Norah Jones


Season 2: Episode 9 Songs – ‘Toxic’ S02E09

1. Toxic – The Chapin Sisters
2. Every Time the Sun Comes Up – Sharon Van Etten
3. The Next Messiah – Jenny Lewis

Season 2: Episode 10 Songs – ‘Road to Nowhere’ S02E10

1. Wish I Could Cross The Sea – Daughter
2. Even True Love – Widowspeak
3. I Was A Lover – TV on the Radio
4. Road to Nowhere – Talking Heads

About Life and Beth:

– Beth seemingly has it all: a successful career, a handsome boyfriend, and a stylish Manhattan life. But beneath the glossy veneer, simmering insecurities and past traumas lurk. A near-death experience triggers a reckoning, sending Beth on a journey of self-discovery.

Through flashbacks to her awkward teenage years, Beth confronts the events that shaped her into the woman she is, revealing a vulnerable girl plagued by loss, self-doubt, and yearning for connection. In the present, she re-evaluates her seemingly perfect life, questioning her relationship, career choices, and ultimately, who she truly wants to be.

Life & Beth is a complex tapestry of humor and heartbreak, as Beth navigates the messy reality of adulthood with wit and self-deprecating charm. She grapples with family dynamics, romantic woes, and the lingering wounds of the past, all while striving to find her own voice and forge a path forward.

This quirky dramedy explores themes of identity, resilience, and the courage to confront one’s demons. As Beth stumbles and grows, her journey resonates with anyone who has ever questioned their life choices or yearned for a second chance. So, raise a glass of wine (like Beth would) and join her on this poignant and hilarious exploration of life, love, and the never-ending quest to become the best version of ourselves.
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Life and Beth Music Songs Season 2

Season 2 Release date:

– February 16, 2023 on Hulu

Cast of Life and Beth:

– Amy Schumer as Beth, Violet Young, Michael Cera as John, Susannah Flood as Ann, Yamaneika Saunders as Maya, Michael Rapaport as Leonard, Jon Glaser as Gerald, Kevin Kane as Matt, Laura Benanti as Jane, Arielle Siegel as Jen, Larry Owens as Clark, Rosebud Baker as Meri, LaVar Walker as Lavar, Gary Gulman as Shlomo, Murray Hill as Murray

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Info: LIFE AND BETH is an Comedy Drama TV show from Hulu created by Amy Schumer The season 2 of the show will premiere on February 2024. You can check out and listen to the complete list of credited songs and the soundtrack above.
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