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Los Farad Soundtrack. Complete List of Songs / Music from the serie

Los Farad Soundtrack. Songs Music from Season 1 Soundtrack 2023. What is the name of the song played in the episodes. Complete List of Songs, by episodes, with Music Samples, opening and closing credits and Trailer Songs. Listen to the Soundtrack.

Los Farad Music Episode 1
Los Farad Music Episode 2
Los Farad Music Episode 3
Los Farad Music Episode 4
Los Farad Music Episode 5
Los Farad Music Episode 6
Los Farad Music Episode 7
Los Farad Music Episode 8

Season 1: Episode 1 Songs – ‘Import and Export’ S01E01

1. It’s a Love Thing – The Whispers
2. Dоwn in New Orleans – Jeff Meegan, David Tobin
3. Me Olvidé de Vivir – Julio Iglesias
4. La Bamba – Tony Medina & Mireya Medina

Season 1: Episode 2 Songs – ‘From Aluche to marbella’ S01E02

1. Amor, Amor – Gipsy Kings
2. Y En Eso Llego Fidel – Carlos Puebla
3. Umoja – Gino Foti
4. Psychotic Reaction – Count Five
5. Mamy Blue – Pop Tops

Season 1: Episode 3 Songs – ‘From Aluche to marbella’ S01E03

1. Vamos a la Playa – Righeira
2. Mofli El Koala aka Mofli The Koala
3. Le Lo Lay – Nosostros

Season 1: Episode 4 Songs – ‘Perestroika’ S01E04

1. Eso Es el Amor (Remasterizado) – Acuario
2. The Blue Danube Waltz – Johann Strauss ll
3. Karel Nese Asi Čaj (feat. Vilém Čok) – Jiří Korn
4. Activate – Universal Production Music
5. Eso Es el Amor – Caribe’s Sound
6. Fur Elise – L. V. Beethoven
7. Noelia – Nino Bravo & José Torregrosa

Season 1: Episode 5 Songs – ‘’ S01E05

1. Où va le monde – La Femme
2. Malizia – Fred Bongusto
3. Clair De Lune – Duncan Pittock

Season 1: Episode 6 Songs – ‘Look the Other Way’ S01E06

1. National Anthem of the Ussr – Alexandrov Ensemble
2. Santa Lucia – Karel Gott
3. Te Estoy Amando Locamente – Las Grecas
4. Everything I Do – Per QX, Symphonic Paradise & Limón

Season 1: Episode 7 Songs – ‘A New Species of Farad’ S01E07

1. Strange – Galaxie 500
2. Traicionera – Tipiko Dividivi
3. Caso Perdido – Barón Rojo
4. Hawa Mayal – Jad Mhanna & Ahmad Abd Al Nabi
5. Everybody – Dominic Glynn

Season 1: Episode 8 Songs – ‘The Final Decision’ S01E08

1. Loco Mia – Locomia
2. Ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space – Spiritualized
3. Love Is The Answer – Cerrone
4. Dreamin – Twerps

About Los Farad:

– It follows Oskar, who dreams of setting up a gym. He ends up entering the world of the Costa del Sol, all due to the Farads, a family that offers him a future, but with the most unexpected of trades: arms trafficking. (From IMDb Los Farad)

Los Farad Music Songs Season 2

Season 1 Release date:

– December 12 2023 on Amazon Prime Video

Cast of Los Farad:

– Miguel Herrán as Oskar, Susana Abaitua as Sara Farad, Pedro Casablanc as Leo Farad, Nora Navas as Carmen, Fernando Tejero as Manuel, Amparo Piñero as Tanya Farad, Adam Jezierski as Hugo Farad, Omar Ayuso, Roberto Lezana as Mario, Nahuel Picone as Doble de luces, Cristina Ureta as Doble de luces, José Florencio Piñero as Doble de luces, Igal Naor as Abdel Mawad, Selim Clayssen as Jerome, Makram Khoury as Monzer Al Aasad, Vicky Araico as Gina, Hamid Krim as Khalid

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Info: LOS FARAD is an Spanish Thriller TV show from Amazon Prime Video. The season 1 of the show will premiere on December 2023. You can check out and listen to the complete list of credited songs and the soundtrack above.
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