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Minx Soundtrack. Complete List of Songs / Music from the serie

Minx Soundtrack. Songs Music from the Season 2 Soundtrack 2023. Complete List of Songs, by episodes, with Music Samples, opening and closing credits and Trailer Songs. Listen to the Soundtrack.

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Season 2: Episode 1 Songs – ‘The perils of being a wealthy widow’ S02E01

1. Children of the Revolution – T. Rex
2. Climbin’ the Walls – Sandord Clark’s
3. After the Hop (feat. The Turks) – Bill Pinky
4. Juan Jose – Cortijo y Kako y sus Tambores
5. Corruption Is The Thing – Creations Unlimited
6. Brand New Key – Melanie
7. Survival Song – Bubbha Thomas & The Lightmen
8. Le nozze di Figaro Act II, K.492: Voi che sapete – Compagnia d’Opera Italiana, Antonello Gotta & Sonia Zaramella
9. Your Love Is All I Need – Della Humphrey
10. Give a Damn – Benny Gordon
11. It Must Be Love – Lady Fox & Foxettes
12. Que Le Paso – Cortijo y Kako y sus Tambores
13. Chrystal Illusion – Creations Unlimited
14. Destination – Morrison Kincannon
15. You Wear It Well – Rod Stewart

Season 2: Episode 2 Songs – ‘I thought the bed was gonna fly’ S02E02

1. Children of the Revolution – T.Rex
2. Funhouse – Pretty
3. It’s My Way – The Jades
4. Prematurely – The Screaming Gypsy Bandits
5. If It’s Alright, It’s Gonna Be All Night – The Soul Brothers Six
6. Wait Like a Lady – Patti Dahlstrom
7. Number One – Bill Moss

Season 2: Episode 3 Songs – ‘It’s Okay to Like It’ S02E03

1. Get in a Hurry – Eugene Blacknell & The New Breed
2. Spinning Top Parts 1 And 2 – Piano Slim
3. Sunshine – The Afro Blues Quintet Plus One
4. Fireball – The Fireballs
5. Mama’s Baby Again – Judy Brackin
6. I’ve Got Your Man – Honey Ltd.
7. African Pop Session – Manu Dibango
8. Stop! (Don’t Worry About It) – Lonette
9. I Got Your Number – Boz Scaggs
10. Vancouver – Freedom North
11. When Will I Be Loved – Jules Larson
12. Only After Dark – Mick Ronson

Season 2: Episode 4 Songs – ‘Life, Liberty’ S02E04

1. Sand – Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood
2. She Taught Me to Love – Andwella
3. Clean Is Good – Dance
4. Hollywood Eyes – The Original Mantis
5. Cha Tatch Ka – Bernard Estardy
6. 20th Century Boy – T-Rex
7. Whistle Stop – Jim Sullivan

Season 2: Episode 5 Songs – ‘A Stately Pleasure Dome Decree’ S02E05

1. Life Is Like A Maze – The Brothers of Soul
2. Come and Get It – The Steppers
3. Ca’-Ba’-Dab – Soul Swingers
4. Salt ’N’ Pepper – Step By Step
5. Lonely Weekends – Charlie Rich
6. Crazy – Sam Shelton
7. Rovin’ Gambler (2021 Remaster) – Bobby Bond

Season 2: Episode 6 Songs – ‘This Is Our Zig’ S02E06

1. Soul Skimmer – Alan Moorhouse
2. Grits Ain’t Groceries (All Around The World) – Maxine Weldon
3. Gettin’ Down – Eugene Blacknell & The New Breed
4. If you want it – James King & Anders Lewén
5. For a Day Like Today – Lee Hazlewood
6. Rocky Mountain Runabout – Alan Hawkshaw
7. Rain Maker – Wiliam Farley
8. Lady in Space – Klaus Wuesthoff
9. California Dreamin’ – Women’ Chorus
10. The witch – Mark Fry
11. Do I love you? – Homestead & Wolfe
12. Love it’s been so long – Frankie & Robert

Season 2: Episode 7 Songs – ‘God closes a door’ S02E07

1. Cold Hard Times – Lee Hazlewood
2. Viva alleluja – Stelvio Cipriani
3. The Thing – Carleen & The Groovers
4. Looking Good – James King & Anders Lewén
5. Closer to the Ground – Joy Of Cooking
6. Houses – Elyse Weinberg
7. The World Pt. 1 – Sandi And Matues
8. I Want to Cry – Leo Nocentelli
9. Let The Sunshine In – Jennifer Warnes

Season 2: Episode 8 Songs – ‘Woman of the Hour’ S02E08

1. Tumba – The Baton of Andre Brummer
2. A Woman’s World – Teresa Brewer
3. C’est les vacances – Sacha Distel
4. Smoke On The Water – Deep Purple
5. All the Young Dudes – Mott the Hoople
6. Smoke On The Water – Deep Purple
7. Doctor My Eyes – Jackson Browne

Cast of Minx: Ophelia Lovibond as Joyce Prigger, Michael Angarano as Glenn, Jessica Lowe as Bambi, Oscar Montoya as Richie, Lennon Parham as Shelly, Idara Victor as Tina, Jake Johnson as Doug Renetti, Taylor Zakhar Perez as Shane Brody, Stephen Tobolowsky as Conrad Ross, Amy Landecker as Bridget Westbury, Olivia Rose Keegan as Amber, Jacqi Vene as Marian, Austin Nichols as Billy Brunson, Lesli Margherita as Francesca, Al Sapienza as Vince, Tyrone Evans Clark as a Tony Pony
About Minx: In 1970s Los Angeles, an earnest young feminist joins forces with a low-rent publisher to create the first erotic magazine for women. (From IMDb / Rotten Tomatoes Minx)
Season 2 Release date: July 21, 2023 on HBO Max / Starz
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Info: MINX is an comedy TV show from HBO created by Ellen Rapoport. The season 2 of the show will premiere on July 2023. You can check out and listen to the complete list of credited songs and the soundtrack above.
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  1. You’re missing the best song. It is in the end,starts when the two are sitting on the college steps, then while he’s on bead and she finds the engagement ring, then when he is taking a half man half woman photo up until they get on the plane and California Dreaming starts.
    Some of the lyrics are-
    Will things work out?
    I don’t know any more
    That doing my best Never gave me
    Try again, Trying to tell you something
    Words got stuck In my mind again
    Smile at you Hoping you see me coming up
    Won’t turn your back on me Maybe this time
    Try again, Trying to tell you something
    Words got stuck In my mind again
    What is that missing song???

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