Motherland: Fort Salem Soundtrack

Complete List of Songs / Music from the serie Motherland: Fort Salem


Episode 1 – S03E01 – Homo Cantus

  • Motherland: Fort Salem (Main Title) – Brandon Roberts
  • How Great Thou Art – Cast
  • Light Is Breaking – Allie Moss


    Episode 2 – S03E02 – The Price of Work

  • How Great Thou Art – Cast


    Episode 3 – S03E03 – Oh Elayne

  • Long White Dress – Kelly Pardekooper
  • Voodoo Woman – Elayne
  • Better Watch Your Step – Elayne
  • Green Hippie – Sunset Love


    Episode 4 – S03E04 – Happy Yule!

  • America the Beautiful – Cast
  • String Quartet No. 15 In D Minor, K. 421: I. Allegro Moderato – Mozarteum Quartet Salzburg
  • My Love Is Real – Calvin Harris
  • It’s Over – Patti LaSalle
  • Doomsday – Lizzy McAlpine


    Episode 5 – S03E05 – Cession in Session

  • Just Like A Dream – Morrie Morrison Orchestra


    Episode 6 – S03E06 – Book Club

  • Baby I Can’t Let You Go – Linda Brannon
  • Nuits Blanches – Vagabond Orchestra


    Episode 7 – S03E07 – She Returns

  • My Heart Dreams – Black Belt Eagle Scout
  • And There Was No You – Margaret Lewis


    Episode 8 – S03E08 – Petra’s Favorite Pen

  • Motherland: Fort Salem (Main Title) – Brandon Roberts
  • Episode 9 – S03E09 – But I Don’t Even Have a Dress…

  • Motherland: Fort Salem (Main Title) – Brandon Roberts
  • Draw The Stars – Andreya Triana
  • I’ll Be Your Mirror – Taylor Hickson


    Episode 10 – S03E10 – Revolution Part 2

  • Motherland: Fort Salem (Main Title) – Brandon Roberts
  • Remembrance – Brandon Roberts


    Motherland: Fort Salem cast: Taylor Hickson as Raelle Collar, Amalia Holm as Scylla, Demetria McKinney as Anacostia Quartermaine, Jessica Sutton as Tally Craven, Ashley Nicole Williams as Abigail Bellweather, Lyne Renée as Sarah Alder, Catherine Lough Haggquist as Petra Bellweather, Diana Pavlovska as Willa Collar, Hrothgar Mathews as Edwin Collar, Sheryl Lee Ralph as Kelly Wade (the United States President), Emilie Leclerc as Izadora, Tony Giroux as Adil, Kylee Brown as Khalida, Victor Webster as Blanton Silver, Arlen Aguayo-Stewart as Nicte Batan, Mellany Barrosas as Penelope Silver , Ess Hödlmoser as M, Praneet Akilla as Gregorio, Bob Frazer as Alban Hearst, Sandra Ferens as Quinn, Luc Roderique as Sterling Woodlot, Emilie Ullerup as Kara Brandt
    Release date: June 21, 2022 on Freeform
    Genre: Supernatural , Drama
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    About: MOTHERLAND: FORT SALEM is an drama supernatural TV series from Freeform created by Eliot Laurence. Season 3 of the show premiered on June 2022 and is packed with tracks from music from great artists and bands. You can check out and listen to the complete list of credited songs and the soundtrack above.


    Soundtrack from the TV Serie Motherland: Fort Salem 2022 Season 3. Complete List of Songs, by episodes, with Music Samples, opening and closing credits and Trailer Songs. Listen to the Soundtrack.

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