New Model Agency Soundtrack (2024)

New Model Agency Soundtrack (2024)

New Model Agency Soundtrack. Channel 4’s “New Model Agency” is an insightful docuseries offering a fresh perspective on the world of fashion. Stepping away from the traditional portrayals, the show focuses on Zebedee Talent, a Manchester-based agency championing inclusivity in the industry.

The series follows the journeys of diverse models represented by Zebedee, showcasing their talent, aspirations, and the challenges they face. We witness established models like Shem, landing coveted campaigns with brands like Fred Perry, while others like Jasroop embark on dream projects, shooting magazine covers in exotic locations.

New Model Agency Songs: Episode 1

  • 1. Upgrade – Ella Collier
  • 2. Crazy What Love Can Do – David Guetta & Becky Hill & Ella Henderson
  • 3. Rocket Fuel (feat. De La Soul) – DJ Shadow
  • 4. Sweet Nothng – Gabrielle Aplin
  • 5. Fantastic Man – William Onyeabor
  • 6. To Be Set Free – Shoe
  • 7. Prickly Pear – The Laszlo Project
  • 8. I Wish (Radio Edit) – Skee-Lo
  • 9. Disco Robotica (Alternate 1) – Jean Luc Andre Leonardon & Vincent Francois Perrot
  • 10. That’s When We Come Alive – Shari Short
  • 11. Final Form – Sampa the Great
  • 12. Shine Like Gold – Coco Morier
  • 13. Don’t Beat the Girl Out of My Boy – Anna Calvi
  • 14. We Are The People – Empire of the Sun
  • 15. Shout To The Top – The Style Council
  • 16. Give Me All You Got – Raphael Lake, Aaron Levy, Ambrose Arnold & Ben Fisher
  • 17. The Good Life – Extreme Music
  • 18. Upgrade – Ella Collier

New Model Agency Songs: Episode 2

Beyond individual triumphs, the series delves deeper, highlighting Zebedee’s mission to push for better representation in high-end fashion. The team tirelessly approaches major brands, advocating for inclusivity on prestigious platforms like London Fashion Week.

New Model Agency Music Series Soundtrack
New Model Agency Soundtrack (2024)

Viewers witness the behind-the-scenes efforts, negotiations, and ultimately, the emotional moments when models secure a coveted spot on the runway, breaking barriers and redefining beauty standards.

“New Model Agency” is not just about the glamour and success stories; it also sheds light on the realities of the modeling industry. We see the dedication, resilience, and perseverance required to navigate the competitive world. The series portrays the emotional rollercoaster experienced by models, the pressure to maintain a certain image, and the constant hustle for the next big opportunity.

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New Model Agency Soundtrack (2024)

Ultimately, “New Model Agency” (Channel 4 and Apple TV+) offers a compelling and thought-provoking look at the evolving landscape of fashion. It celebrates diversity, challenges traditional norms, and inspires viewers to embrace individuality and redefine their perceptions of beauty.

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