No Limit Soundtrack

List of Songs / Music from the movie No Limit Soundtrack

Songs from the movie No Limit Soundtrack Sous Emprise 2022 Netflix. Complete List of Songs, with Music Samples, opening and closing credits and Trailer Songs. Listen to the Soundtrack.

  • Ai Vaiven De Mi Carreta – Eliades Ochoa
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  • Bella Guajira – Los Diplomaticos Habaneros
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  • P*tain de m*rde – Naza
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  • Solitude – Billie Holiday
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  • Sonho de Maria – Marcos Valle
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  • Nouvelle-Orléans – La Femme
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  • Loin – Alex Beaupain
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  • No Limit Cast: Sofiane Zermani as Pascal, Camille Rowe as Roxana, César Domboy as Tom, Zacharie Chasseriaud as Sacha, Laurent Fernandez as Stephane, Jonas Dinal as Gendarme, Natalie Mitson as Naomi, Belen Enguidanos as Anna (voice), Hassam Ghancy as Le Docteur, Alexandre Poole as Joseph Archer, Antonin Schopfer as Alain, Grégory Gaule as Fabrice, Laurence Porteil as The Publicist, Mathias Minne, Johakim Mejri as Jacques
    About: When Roxana meets world champion freediver, Pascal Gauthier, she falls head over heels in love. She becomes both lover and student as Pascal initiates her into an extreme sport that’s as enthralling as it is death defying. Moving from one competition to the next, in dive locations across the world, Roxana begins to push limit after limit, wholly consumed in the throws of this passionate affair… but where will it end? (from No Limit IMDb)
    Release date: September 9, 2022 on Netflix



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    NO LIMIT (Sous Emprise) is an French Drama, Romance, Sport, Thriller movie from Netflix, directed and written by David M. Rosenthal. The movie will premiere on September 2022 and is packed with tracks from music from great artists and bands. You can check out and listen to the complete list of credited songs and the soundtrack above.

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