Puppy Love Soundtrack (2023)

Puppy Love Soundtrack. Songs and music featured in the movie

Puppy Love Soundtrack. Music Songs from the movie Soundtrack 2023. Complete List of Songs, by episodes, with Music Samples, opening and closing credits and Trailer Songs. Listen to the Soundtrack.

Puppy Love Music Songs List

1. Listen the Music We Are Forever – Alibi Music (Puppy Love Trailer Song)

2. Listen the Music Diggin’ This Right Here – Tha Anthom & Mike B

3. Listen the Music Concertina – Anthony DiMito

4. Listen the Music May Flowers – Anthony DiMito

5. Listen the Music Toe To Toe – Julius Block

6. Listen the Music Adderall Humming – Mark McAdam

7. Listen the Music I Can’t Go Now (feat. Keith Masters) – Sarah Leichtenberg

8. Listen the Music Rapunzel – Athena Marie Byrne & Mat Dauzat

9. Listen the Music Inferno – Excessum

10. Listen the Music Guiding Light – The State Fair

11. Listen the Music Muscle Memory – Lucie Bernheim

12. Growing Up – Paul Otten

13. Got Me Burning – Lofey

14. Listen the Music Message Of Love – Robyn Payne

15. Listen the Music Bucinatores – Ludi Scaenici

16. Chloe, Little Spaniel – Doug Bernheim & Lucie Bernheim

17. Listen the Music Let Me Let You Go – Bella Leonette

18. Nicole Lee – Doug Bernheim & Lucie Bernheim

19. Listen the Music Fever To The Form – Nick Mulvey

20. Dangerous Art – Chantelle

21. Paradigm – Coins

22. Listen the Music You’re All That I’m Thinking Of – Jeff Lewis

23. Raised Like A Saint – Olivia Rose

24. Listen the Music The Other Side Of MT. Heart Attack – Liars

25. Listen the Music It Must Have Been Love – Mark Wilkinson

26. Stay Tuned – Dan Tait

27. All Through The Night – Grant Gustin

28. Listen the Music Wild Wild Heart – Last Year’s Man

29. Listen the Music Sweet Thing – Van Morrison

Cast of Puppy Love: Grant Gustin as Max, Jane Seymour as Diane, Lucy Hale as Nicole, Michael Hitchcock as Dr. Hert, Christine Lee, Al Miro as Hunter, Corey Woods as Harper, Sarah Peguero as Naomi, Nore Davis as Sid, Rachel Risen as Lorraine, Cam Woodman as Open Mic MC
Puppy Love Music Songs Soundtrack

About Puppy Love: After a disastrous first date, Nicole and Max vow’s to lose each other’s numbers until their dogs find a love match. Hilariously mismatched Nicole and Max are forced to become responsible co-parents, but end up finding love themselves. (From IMDb Puppy Love)
Release date: August 11, 2023 on FreeVee
Categories: Comedy Soundtracks, Romance Soundtracks, Movies

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Info: PUPPY LOVE is an Comedy Romance movie from FreeVee directed by Nick Fabiano and Richard Alan Reid. The film will premiere on August 2023. You can check out and listen to the complete list of credited songs and the soundtrack above.
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