Role Play Soundtrack 2024

Role Play Soundtrack. Songs and music featured in the movie

Role Play Soundtrack, a 2024 movie Amazon Prime. Music Songs from the film. Complete List of Songs, with Music Samples, scores, OST, opening and closing credits and Trailer Songs. Listen to the Soundtrack.

Role Play Music Songs List

1. Work To Do – Average White Band
2. Beyond the Sea – Bobby Darin
3. Do It (feat. Bellsavvy) – Shatterjack
4. Take Me Higher – Shatterjack
5. First Warning – The Prodigy
6. Du – Peter Maffay
7. Nothing Burns Like the Cold – Snoh Aalegra & Vinco Staples
8. Take Me Out – Scissor Sisters
9. Our Day Will Come – Amy Winehouse

Role Play (Original Soundtrack from the Prime Film)

Original Music Composed by Rael Jones and Michael Price
1. Role Play (2:00)
2. Carver’s Theme (2:26)
3. Blind Shootout (2:23)
4. Rampage (2:04)
5. Three Things (1:39)
6. Murder Box (4:13)
7. Pancakes and Murder (2:41)
8. My Wife, My Everything (3:44)
9. International (2:12)
10. Moment of Your Time (2:22)
11. Emma vs Gwen (1:46)
12. How About a Shot (2:27)
13. Through the Woods (2:54)
14. Where Are We? (1:52)
15. Carver’s Theme (Reprise) (3:07)

Role Play Information

Cast of Role Play:

– Kaley Cuoco as Emma Brackett, David Oyelowo as Dave Brackett, Bill Nighy as Bob Kellerman, Connie Nielsen as Gwen Carver, Rudi Dharmalingam as Raj, Simon Delaney as Toby Berman

Role Play Music Songs Soundtrack

About Movie Role Play:

– In this intriguing tale, Dave (David Oyelowo) and Emma (Kaley Cuoco) appear to have the ideal life – two kids, a suburban house, and good jobs. However, they crave a bit more excitement. To inject some fun into their routine, they decide to spice things up with a bit of role-playing. The rules are simple: they meet as strangers for one night to reignite the spark in their relationship. However, when Emma attracts the attention of a mysterious older man (Bill Nighy) during her role-play night at a New York hotel bar, the unexpected occurs. The man is found dead 24 hours later, launching a murder investigation. Now, what started as a game of mistaken identity turns serious as Emma disappears, and Dave finds himself questioned by the police for murder. As the layers of disguise unravel, Dave makes a shocking discovery: his wife Emma is a professional assassin leading a double life for years. (From: Rotten Tomatoes / IMDb Role Play)
Release date: January 11, 2024 on Amazon Prime Video
Categories: Action Soundtracks, Mystery Soundtracks, Thriller Soundtracks, Movies

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Info: ROLE PLAY is an Action Mystery Thriller film from Amazon MGM Studios directed by Thomas Vincent. You can check out and listen to the complete list of credited songs and the soundtrack above.
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