Romance with a Twist Soundtrack (2024)

Romance with a Twist Soundtrack, a 2024 movie. Music Songs from the film. Complete List of Songs, with Music Samples, scores, OST, opening and closing credits and Trailer Songs. Listen to the Soundtrack.

Romance with a Twist Music Songs List

1. Listen the Music I Got the Moves – Devin Hoffman, Raddicio Nash & Dennis Padula
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2. Listen the Music Rock This Show – Christopher R. Sangster III & Tyler van den Berg
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3. All the Bumps – Alexander D. Bachell & Samuel R. C. Sutton
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4. Listen the Music Catch Me – Thomas Bergersen
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About Movie Romance with a Twist:

– Luna, a former dancer with fire in her soul, traded pirouettes for blueprints when she took over her family’s construction business. Yet, the rhythm of movement still echoes in her heart. As she transforms a dusty gymnasium into a vibrant aerials studio, a chance encounter reawakens her dormant passion.

Bennet, a world-renowned aerialist with a touch of the brooding artist, returns home seeking solace in familiar spaces. He stumbles upon Luna, suspended in a dance of silk and sunlight, her forgotten grace blossoming anew. Initially, sparks fly, not the romantic kind, as Luna’s impromptu performance ruffles Bennet’s feathers.

Fate, however, is a cunning choreographer. When Bennet’s partner pulls out of their upcoming show, he finds himself with an unconventional proposition: recruit Luna, the grounded contractor with a hidden aerial gift. Hesitantly, they embark on a journey of intense training, pushing each other’s limits as they rediscover the magic of movement and connection.

Will their contrasting worlds collide, sending their dreams crashing to the ground? Or will they, like skilled aerialists, learn to trust each other, find their balance, and reach new heights, both in the studio and in their hearts?

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Romance with a Twist Music Songs

Cast of Romance with a Twist:

– Jocelyn Hudon as Luna, Olivier Renaud as Bennet, Candice Lidstone as Gabby, Rebecca Applebaum as Candice, Darrin Baker as Richard, Jamie Champagne as Henry, Tanya Clarke as Rosie, Naomi Gaskin as Audrey, Alice Hamid as Holly, Stephanie Herrera as Katrina
Director: Max McGuire
Release date: January 27, 2024 on Hallmark

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  1. Hi, when Luna is dancing by her self at 39:44, is the music in background is from an artist? I really love it and try to find the full version of it:

    I can feel it everywhere, there’s a magic in the air, your charms,……oh summer blue, I’ve been waiting for you, like a big old ocean…..etc, I would really love to find it! Thank you

    1. I would also like to find the song Summer Blue. I have tried everywhere and so far no luck. if you should find out any info on the song please let me know.

      Thanks so much,

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