Stars at Noon Songs Soundtrack

List of Songs / Music from the movie Stars at Noon Soundtrack

Songs from the movie Stars at Noon 2022. The soundtrack to Stars at Noon music. Complete List of Songs, with Music Samples, opening and closing credits and Trailer Songs. Listen to the Soundtrack.

Complete List of Songs from Stars at Noon Soundtrack

  • No Hay Amor – Natalia Clarke
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  • El Condor Pasa – Los Incas
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  • Sentimiento – Genesis Delgado
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  • Stars at Noon – Tindersticks
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  • No Audio Preview bonita – Maximo Rodriguez Y Sus Estrellas Panamenas
  • No Audio Preview Tal vez mañana – Bocaraca
  • Stars at Noon (Original Soundtrack)

    Music by Tindersticks

  • 1. Introduction 0:34
  • 2. Opening 2:36
  • 3. Taxi Across Town 2:30
  • 4. Hotel Bar 4:32
  • 5. Dawn Walk Home 3:14
  • 6. Los Periquitos 2:02
  • 7. The Mercado 1:15
  • 8. Motel Rain 1:40
  • 9. The Costa Rican 2:54
  • 10. Stars at Noon 3:39
  • 11. Blood Hands 1:57
  • 12. Burning Car 3:24
  • 13. The Consultant 1:38
  • 14. Blood Hands (Version) 1:53
  • 15. Apache 1:35
  • 16. The Bridge 1:14
  • 17. The Crossing 1:12
  • 18. The Costa Rican (Reprise) 2:54
  • 19. Stars at Noon (Instrumental)
    Cast of Stars at Noon: Margaret Qualley as Trish, Joe Alwyn as Daniel, Benny Safdie as CIA Man, Danny Ramirez as Costa Rican Policeman, John C. Reilly as American Boss, Nick Romano as Second Lieutenant, Stephan Proaño as Vice President, Monica Bartholomew as La Señora, Carlos Bennett as Taxi Driver Mercado, Sebastián Donoso as Taxi Driver 1, Hector Moreno as Travel Agent, Robin Duran as Costa Rican Border Chief, Jose Leonel Hernandez as Night Watchman
    About Stars at Noon: In 1984’s Nicaragua, a mysterious English businessman and a headstrong American journalist strike up a romance as they soon become embroiled in a dangerous labyrinth of lies and conspiracies and are forced to try and escape the country. (from IMDb Stars at Noon)
    Release date: October 14, 2022

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    Info: STARS AT NOON is an French romantic thriller movie directed by Claire Denis and based on The Stars at Noon by Denis Johnson. The movie will premiere on October 2022 and is packed with tracks from music from great artists and bands. You can check out and listen to the complete list of credited songs and the soundtrack above.
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