The Color Purple Soundtrack (2023)

The soundtrack to The Color Purple music, a 2023 movie, tracklist, check to all of the 37 full soundtrack songs, trailer tracks. View all song names, who sings them, additional tune playlists, scores, and credits used in the movie.

The Color Purple (Music From and Inspired By)

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1. Huckleberry Pie – Halle, Phylicia Pearl Mpasi (1:07)
2. Mysterious Ways – Tamela Mann, David Alan Grier, Halle, The Color Purple Ensemble (3:47)
3. She Be Mine – Phylicia Pearl Mpasi, The Color Purple Ensemble (3:39)
4. Keep It Movin’ – Halle, Phylicia Pearl Mpasi (3:53)
5. Workin’ – Corey Hawkins, The Color Purple Ensemble (1:16)
6. Hell No! – Danielle Brooks, The Color Purple Ensemble (3:10)
7. Shug Avery – Fantasia, Colman Domingo, The Color Purple Ensemble (3:16)
8. Dear God – Shug – Fantasia (1:19)
9. Push Da Button – Taraji P. Henson (4:22)
10. What About Love? – Fantasia & Taraji P. Henson (2:31)
11. Agoo – The Color Purple Ensemble (1:23)
12. Hell No! (Reprise) – Fantasia (1:47)
13. Miss Celie’s Blues (Sister) – Taraji P. Henson (2:27)
14. Miss Celie’s Pants – Fantasia, Danielle Brooks, Taraji P. Henson, H.E.R., The Color Purple Ensemble (2:58)
15. I’m Here – Fantasia (4:51)
16. Maybe God Is Tryin’ To Tell You Somethin’ – Taraji P. Henson, David Alan Grier (2:10)
17. The Color Purple – Fantasia, Danielle Brooks, Taraji P. Henson, Ciara, Corey Hawkins, Colman Domingo, The Color Purple Ensemble (3:55)
18. SUPERPOWER (I) – Fantasia (4:30)

19. Risk It All – USHER, H.E.R. (3:21)
20. No Love Lost – Keyshia Cole (4:45)
21. Lifeline – Alicia Keys (3:47)
22. Finally – Jorja Smith (4:09)
23. Keep Pushin’ (Missy Elliott Remix) – Halle (2:28)
24. When I Can’t Do Better – Mary J. Blige (3:40)
25. There Will Come a Day – Celeste (3:44)
26. Any Worse (Squeak’s Song) – H.E.R. (4:26)
27. Hell No! (Reprise) (Missy Elliott Remix) – Fantasia, Shenseea (2:12)
28. You See Me – Coco Jones (3:11)
29. Workin’ (Timbaland Remix) – Corey Hawkins, Black Thought (2:30)
30. Mysterious Ways (Mörda Remix) – Tamela Mann (4:11)
31. All I Need – Jennifer Hudson (5:04)
32. Hell No! (Timbaland Remix) – Danielle Brooks, Megan Thee Stallion (2:58)
33. 100 – JANE HANDCOCK (3:05)
34. Eternity – October London (3:38)
35. No Time – Darkchild, Konstance (3:55)
36. Girls – V. Bozeman, Dyo, LUDMILLA (2:26)
37. Maybe God Is Tryin’ To Tell You Somethin’ – Mary Mary, Taraji P. Henson (4:23)

The Color Purple Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

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Original Score composed by Kris Bowers
1. Celie and Nettie (1:18)
2. Like Heaven on You (2:01)
3. Celie’s Theme (1:23)
4. Shug’s Photo (1:44)
5. I’ll Kill Ya Dead (2:00)
6. Nettie’s Gone (1:50)
7. Put a Little Hot Sauce On It (1:17)
8. The Color Purple (1:26)
9. A Letter from Nettie (1:28)
10. Dear Celie (2:21)
11. I Said Hell No (2:32)
12. Released (1:15)
13. Close Shave (1:00)
14. But I’m Here (1:26)
15. Burning Crops (1:09)
16. Call from Back Home (2:11)
17. Mister’s Promise (2:22)
18. My Family’s Home (3:00)
19. The Color Purple Suite and End Credits (2:36)


About The Color Purple:

– With its vibrant tapestry of music, costumes, and emotions, Bazawule’s 2023 “The Color Purple” reimagines Alice Walker’s beloved story for a new generation. Taraji P. Henson embodies Celie’s journey from downtrodden farmhand to self-possessed woman with a fiery spirit, her eyes blazing defiance even amidst hardship.
Danielle Brooks shines as the fierce and independent Nettie, her unwavering love for Celie a beacon in the darkness. The film doesn’t shy away from the harsh realities Celie faces – abuse, racism, and societal constraints – but it also celebrates her resilience, her unbreakable bond with sisterhood, and her eventual discovery of her own voice.
Heralded as a visual feast, the film explodes with color and texture. Lush Georgia landscapes contrast with the stark brutality of Celie’s early life, while vibrant costumes hint at the blossoming of her inner spirit. The soundtrack, a powerful blend of gospel, blues, and contemporary pop, becomes another character, amplifying the emotional beats of Celie’s journey.
“The Color Purple” is not just a historical drama; it’s a timeless story of resilience, sisterhood, and the transformative power of finding your voice. Bazawule’s vision breathes new life into the classic, reminding us that even in the darkest of times, the color purple can bloom. (From IMDb / Rotten Tomatoes The Color Purple)

The Color Purple Music Songs

The Color Purple Release date:

– December 25, 2023

Cast of The Color Purple:

– Fantasia Barrino as Celie Harris-Johnson, Phylicia Pearl Mpasi as young Celie, Taraji P. Henson as Shug Avery, Danielle Brooks as Sofia, Colman Domingo as Albert “Mister” Johnson, Corey Hawkins as Harpo Johnson, H.E.R. as Squeak / Mary Agnes, Ciara as Nettie Harris, Halle Bailey as young Nettie, Aunjanue Ellis as Mama, Jon Batiste as Grady, Louis Gossett Jr. as Ol’ Mister Johnson, David Alan Grier as Rev. Samuel Avery, Deon Cole as Alfonso, Tamela J. Mann as First Lady, Stephen Hill as Henry “Buster” Broadnax, Elizabeth Marvel as Miss Millie


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Info: THE COLOR PURPLE is an Drama Musical film from Warner Bros. Pictures directed by Blitz Bazawule and based on The Color Purple by Alice Walker – The Color Purple by Brenda Russell, Allee Willis, Stephen Bray, Marsha Norman. You can check out and listen to the complete list of credited songs and the soundtrack above.
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