The D’Amelio Show Season 3 Soundtrack Music

The D’Amelio Show Soundtrack. Complete List of Songs / Music from the serie

The D’Amelio Show Soundtrack. Songs Music from Season 3 Soundtrack 2023. What is the name of the song played in the episodes. Complete List of Songs, by episodes, with Music Samples, opening and closing credits and Trailer Songs. Listen to the Soundtrack.

The D’Amelio Show Music Episode 1
The D’Amelio Show Music Episode 2
The D’Amelio Show Music Episode 3
The D’Amelio Show Music Episode 4
The D’Amelio Show Music Episode 5
The D’Amelio Show Music Episode 6
The D’Amelio Show Music Episode 7
The D’Amelio Show Music Episode 8

Season 3: Episode 1 Songs – ‘All Filters Are Off’ S03E01

1. Listen the Music Pretty Girls Walk – Big Boss Vette

2. Listen the Music Your Phone – Sophia Blanco

3. Listen the Music Say It I Love You – Gazelle Hunter, Skye Emanuel, Drew Dvorsky, Jimmy Howland, Linasko Licks

4. Listen the Music True Romance – The Aftershow

5. Listen the Music Sweet Talking Devil – Gazelle Hunter, Skye Emanuel, LA VADER, Linasko Licks, James Howland

6. Listen the Music Girlfriend – Dixie D’amelio


7. Listen the Music Vienna – Dixie D’amelio (Original by Billy Joel)

8. Listen the Music Be Happy – Dixie D’amelio

9. Listen the Music F***Boy – Dixie D’amelio

10. Listen the Music Basic B***h – Jonny Moscow

11. Listen the Music Roller Coasters Make Me Sad – Em Beihold

12. Listen the Music Someone To Blame – Dixie
Episode 1 Ending Credits Music

Season 3: Episode 2 Songs – ‘Human Punching Bag’ S03E02

1. Listen the Music Bye2You – Dixie

2. Listen the Music Girls Just Want To Have Fun – Cyndi Lauper

3. Listen the Music Like You’re Mine – Devin Hoffman, Sesame Cashew & Holiday Rogers

4. Listen the Music Come Around – Peter McPoland

5. Listen the Music Stay – PJKTS

6. Listen the Music Bye2You – Dixie
Episode 2 Closing Ending Credits Song

Season 3: Episode 3 Songs – ‘We Are Going to Milan!’ S03E03

1. Listen the Music Focused On Me – Raphael Lake & Eric Brooks

2. Listen the Music Where Do We Go from Here – Alex Condliffe, Noah Booth, Isla Wolfe

3. I Got This – Goldheart

4. Light It Up – The Mostly Ups

5. Listen the Music Shake It Up – Fire In The Hamptons

6. Listen the Music Let’s Always Stay In Love – Meaghan Smith

7. Listen the Music MONEY ON THE DASH – Elley Duhé & Whethan

8. Listen the Music We Can Do Anything – Wizards Of Oz

9. Listen the Music Drunk In The Bathtub – Jessie Murph
Episode 3 Ending Credits Music

Season 3: Episode 4 Songs – ‘Pretend Like Everything’s OK’ S03E04

1. Listen the Music In The Moment – ITG Studios

2. Listen the Music FACE MYSELF – Elley Duhé & Teddy Swims

3. Listen the Music Shake, Shake, Shake (feat. Ko The Legend) – Photronique

4. Listen the Music We Unstoppable – Alex Nova, Tom Griffiths, Adam Zapel, Dayeaux

5. Listen the Music Log In – FIFTY FIFTY

6. Listen the Music Hollywood – Nik Ammar & Marla Altschuler
Episode 4 Closing Credits Music

Season 3: Episode 5 Songs – ‘There’s So Many Sides to This Story’ S03E05

1. Listen the Music Little Fires – Naomi August

2. Listen the Music Forgiveness – EMAN8

3. Listen the Music We’re Not Done Yet – Others

4. Listen the Music Thorn in My Side – Nik Ammar, Lucy Underhill & Michael Orchard

5. Listen the Music Porcupine – Malory

Season 3: Episode 6 Songs – ‘I Hate Charli D’Amelio’ S03E06

1. Listen the Music Rugrat – Malory

2. Listen the Music Nosebleed – Sophie Powers

3. Listen the Music 99 Nights – Charlotte Cardin

4. Listen the Music Chemicals – Daniel Farrant, Nick Kingsley & Remy

5. Listen the Music This Is a Stick Up – Ashley Madison

6. Listen the Music I Shoulda Known – Will Parnell, Lolita Parnell, Ashley Kingsley

7. Listen the Music I Keep Digging – Sophoa Blanco

Season 3: Episode 7 Songs – ‘More Than Friends?’ S03E07

1. Hope (feat. NightCvller) – Jae Faive

2. Listen the Music We Got It – Nick Kingsley & Tylor Maurer

3. Listen the Music Go Crazy – The Other Guys

4. Listen the Music Like Runaways – Devin Hoffman / Gabriella Lacroix

5. Two’s – Joy Charity Enriquez

6. Listen the Music I Got the Moves – Devin Hoffman, Raddicio Nash & Dennis Padula

7. Listen the Music Turn the Tide – Randall Kent & Skyline Brigade

8. Listen the Music Over You – Minia

Season 3: Episode 8 Songs – ‘This is the Life Everyone Asked For’ S03E08

1. Listen the Music Not That Innocent – Nineoneone

2. Listen the Music We Got It – Nick Kingsley & Tylor Maurer

3. Listen the Music Shibuya Night – Kico The Cyber Girl

4. Listen the Music All the Girls Are Kawaii – Kico The Cyber Girl

5. Listen the Music I Will Never Let You Go – Typhoon

6. Listen the Music Won’t You Follow Me – Lee Richardson, Thomas Ford, Jon Murrill, James Cocozza, Sarah-Jane Norman

7. Listen the Music Infinite – Rupert Pope & Daniel Knight

8. Listen the Music For You – Zai1k


About The D’Amelio Show:

– From relative obscurity to overnight successes, the D’Amelios face new challenges and opportunities they could not have imagined as they are thrust into the Hollywood limelight. (From IMDb / Rotten Tomatoes The D’Amelio Show)

The D'Amelio Show Music Songs Season 3

Season 3 Release date:

– September 20, 2023 on Hulu

Cast of The D’Amelio Show:

– Charli D’Amelio, Dixie D’Amelio, Heidi D’Amelio, Marc D’Amelio, Noah Beck, Landon Barker

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Info: THE D’AMELIO SHOW is an Reality TV show from Hulu. The season 3 of the show will premiere on September 2023. You can check out and listen to the complete list of credited songs and the soundtrack above.
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