The Irregulars Soundtrack

Complete List of Songs / Music from the serie The Irregulars

Episode 8 – S01E08

  • Lose My Way – Ane Brun & Dustion O’Halloran
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  • when the party’s over – Billie Eilish
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    Episode 7 – S01E07

    Episode 6 – S01E06

  • Run Cried The Crawling – Agnes Obel
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    Episode 5 – S01E05

  • Move To Me – Mesadorm
    Episode 4 – S01E04

    Episode 3 – S01E03


    Episode 2 – S01E02

  • Hacker – Death Grips
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  • New Dorp. New York (feat. Ezra Koenig) – SBTRKT
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  • Don’t Trip (feat. Run The Jewels & Sizzy Rocket) – Flosstradamus
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    Episode 1 – S01E01

  • Hex – Ark Patrol
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    The Irregulars cast: Henry Lloyd-Hughes as Sherlock Holmes, Royce Pierreson as Dr Watson, Clarke Peters as Linen Man, Olivia Grant as Patricia Coleman-Jones, Aidan McArdle as Inspector Lestrade, Sheila Atim, Thaddea Graham as Bea, Darci Shaw as Jessie, Jojo Macari as Billy, McKell David as Spike, Harrison Osterfield as Leopold
    Release date: March 26, 2021 on Netflix
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    Soundtrack from the TV Serie The Irregulars 2021 Season 1. Complete List of Songs, by episodes, with Music Samples, opening and closing credits and Trailer Songs. Listen to the Soundtrack.

    22 thoughts on “The Irregulars Soundtrack”

    1. Song where the guy brings the prince the gift after a he’s looking out the window at the woman pulling up stocking ???

    2. Please, help me! I’d like to know who sings the siren theme in season 1, chapter 5 of The Irregulars Netflix series. I’ve found some notice about Paul Haslinger, listened all songs of the soundtrack list in YouTube, but I can’t find some notice about the song Move to me. Is possible that Mesadorm sings the little theme? How is possible can’t I find the sing? Thank you for every information!

    3. Guys, anybody knows that song Bea sang…? “Silver moon…” Something- probably it’s a sea shanty. ##

      1. am looking for the song which Bea sings to Leon the bridge ‘Sailors wait by the moon’. Can you help?

    4. You are missing a song from episode one as well as other sources. The scene starts when Leo is leaving his room and walks down stairs. Song starts approximately at 25:36 in the first episode please let us know what song this is. 😊

    5. The song Bea sings to the prince in The irregular, episode 4, “Sailors wait by the moon” who has sung it?

    6. I’m also look for the song Bea sang
      “sailors love waits by the moon silver moon the silver moon, waiting for the sailor to come home soon, come home soon” and can’t seem to find it anywhere, but it might not even be an actual song because there only seems to be 4 or 5 lines we know of.

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