The Messenger Soundtrack Season 1

The Messenger Soundtrack Songs Music from the TV Serie Season 1 Soundtrack 2023. Complete List of Songs, by episodes, with Music Samples, opening and closing credits and Trailer Songs. Listen to the Soundtrack.

Complete List of Songs / Music from the serie The Messenger Soundtrack

The Messenger Music Episode 1
The Messenger Music Episode 2
The Messenger Music Episode 3

Episode 1 Songs – S01E01

1. Listen the Music Friday I’m Love – The Cure
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2. Listen the Music Teenager Again – Laura Jean
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3. Listen the Music Keep On Rockin – Fox
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4. Listen the Music Sweet Jane – Cowboy Junkies
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5. Listen the Music God Must Hate Me – Catie Turner
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Episode 2 Songs – S01E02


Episode 3 Songs – S01E03

1. Listen the Music Light And Day / Reach For The Sun – The Polyphonic Spree
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Cast of The Messenger: Alexandra Jensen, Chris Alosio, Emmanuelle Mattana, William McKenna, Maggie Dence, Guy Edmonds, Felix Williamson, Harrison Green, Kartanya Maynard, Stephen Hunter, Sandy Greenwood, Maya Stange, Gilbert Bradman, Alastair Bradman, Jonathan Biggins
About The Messenger: Ed’s life is one peaceful routine until playing cards inscribed with cryptic tasks start to arrive in the mail. Choosing to care, Ed makes his way through town helping and hurting. (From IMDb The Messenger)
Release date: May 14, 2023 on ABC TV + iview
Category: Drama Soundtracks

Info: THE MESSENGER is an Australian Drama show from ABC TV. The show premiered on May 2023 and is packed with tracks from music from great artists and bands. You can check out and listen to the complete list of credited songs and the soundtrack above.
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