The Tiger’s Apprentice Soundtrack (2024)

The Tiger's Apprentice Soundtrack (2024)

The Tiger’s Apprentice Soundtrack, a 2024 movie. Music Songs from the film. Complete List of Songs, with Music Samples, scores, OST, opening and closing credits and Trailer Songs. Listen to the Soundtrack.

The Tiger’s Apprentice Music Songs List

  • 1. Tian mi mi (甜蜜蜜) – Teresa Teng (Itunes)
  • 2. Low (feat. T-Pain) – Flo Rida (Itunes)
  • 3. damn Right – AUDREY NUNA (Itunes)
  • 4. Binz – Solange (Itunes)
  • 5. Imagine – Doja Cat (Itunes)
  • 6. Yue Liang Dai Biao Wo De Xin (Moon Represents My Heart) – Teresa Teng (Itunes)
  • 7. Hello – Atarashi Gakko!
  • 8. Top Of The World (feat. Thutmose) – Sayak Das
  • 9. Void – Lil Nas X (Itunes)
  • 10. Eye Of The Tiger – Survivor (Itunes)
  • 11. Eye Of The Tiger – Zhu (Itunes)
  • 12. Pleasures – Audrey Nuna

About Movie The Tiger’s Apprentice:

– Tom Lee, a seemingly ordinary teenager living in San Francisco’s Chinatown, discovers a hidden world of magic after his eccentric grandmother dies. He learns not only that she was the guardian of a powerful phoenix egg, but also that he now inherits this responsibility. Thrust into this extraordinary situation, Tom meets Mr. Hu, a gruff but wise talking tiger. Under Mr. Hu’s tutelage, Tom begins to harness his own magical abilities and train to become the next guardian.

However, protecting the phoenix egg isn’t easy. An ancient evil named Nian, seeking to unleash chaos upon the world, sets their sights on the egg. To face this threat, Tom must not only master his magic but also reunite the fractured Zodiac animal warriors, legendary protectors scattered across the globe. This journey forces Tom to confront his own doubts and fears as he embraces his destiny as the Tiger’s Apprentice.

Filled with action, humor, and heart, The Tiger’s Apprentice tells a story of self-discovery and the importance of family, tradition, and unity. It’s a tale that blends Chinese mythology with contemporary themes, reminding us that even the most ordinary among us can discover extraordinary courage and purpose within themselves.

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The Tiger’s Apprentice Music Songs

Cast of The Tiger’s Apprentice:
– Henry Golding as Mr. Hu, Brandon Soo Hoo as Tom Lee, Lydie Loots as Baby Tom, Lucy Liu as Nu Kua/Cynthia, Sandra Oh as Mistral, Michelle Yeoh as Loo, Bowen Yang as Sidney, Leah Lewis as Räv, Kheng Hua Tan as Mrs. Lee, Sherry Cola as Naomi, Deborah S. Craig as Pig, Jo Koy as Rooster, Greta Lee as Rabbit, Diana Lee Inosanto as Horse, Patrick Gallagher as Dog, Poppy Liu as Snake, Josh Zuckerman as Rudy

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