The Way Home Season 2 Soundtrack

The Way Home Soundtrack. Songs Music from Season 1 Soundtrack 2024 Hallmark Channel. What is the name of the song played in the episodes. Complete List of Songs, by episodes, with Music Samples, opening and closing credits and Trailer Songs. Listen to the Soundtrack.

The Way Home Soundtrack. Complete List of Songs / Music from the serie

The Way Home Music Episode 1
The Way Home Music Episode 2
The Way Home Music Episode 3
The Way Home Music Episode 4
The Way Home Music Episode 5

Season 2: Episode 1 Songs – ‘The Space Between’ S02E01

1. Decode (“Twilight” Soundtrack Version) – Paramore  Song on Itunes

2. Steal My Sunshine – LEN  Song on Itunes

3. The Greatest – Universal Production Music  Song on Itunes

4. All For You – Sister Hazel  Song on Itunes

Season 2: Episode 2 Songs – ‘Hanging by a Moment’ S02E02

1. How’s It Going To Be – Third Eye Blind  Song on Itunes

2. Let You Go – WILDES  Song on Itunes

Season 2: Episode 3 Songs – ‘When You Were Young’ S02E03


Season 2: Episode 4 Songs – ‘Wake Me Up When September Ends’ S02E04

1. How Muсh Are You Willing To Take – 1 Revolution Music

2. Superman (It’s Not Easy) – Five for Fighting  Song on Itunes

Season 2: Episode 5 Songs – ‘Long Time Gone’ S02E05

1. Howl (feat. Alyssa Morrissey) – JJ and The Pillars  Song on Itunes

About The Way Home:
“The Way Home,” on Hallmark Channel, explores a heartwarming and intriguing story across three generations of the strong-willed Landry women.

Fractured family: Kat and her teenage daughter Alice return to Kat’s hometown, Port Haven, after facing personal struggles. There, they reunite with Kat’s estranged mother, Del, creating tension and unearthing family secrets.
Time travel twist: Unexpectedly, Alice discovers she can travel back in time through a magical pond on the Landrys’ farm. This ability allows her and Kat to delve into the past, specifically a life-altering event 20 years ago that caused the family’s rift.
Unraveling mysteries: As they journey through time, the women confront hidden truths, challenging their understanding of their family history and themselves. They grapple with questions of love, loss, resilience, and forgiveness.
Rebuilding connections: Amidst the time travel adventures, the show focuses on repairing fractured relationships within the family. Mother and daughter learn to mend their bond, while Del confronts her own regrets and tries to reconcile with her past.
Overall, “The Way Home” offers a unique blend of family drama, heartwarming moments, and a fantastical time travel element. It promises a journey of self-discovery, emotional healing, and finding strength in family bonds.
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The Way Home Music Songs Season 2

Season 2 Release date:
– January 21, 2024 on Hallmark
Cast of The Way Home:
– Chyler Leigh as Katherine “Kat” Landry Dhawan, Alex Hook as teenage Katherine Landry, Evan Williams as Elliot “El” Augustine, David Webster as teenage Elliot Augustine, Sadie Laflamme-Snow as Alice “Ali” Dhawan, Andie MacDowell as Delilah “Del” Landry, Jefferson Brown as Colton “Cole” Landry, Remy Smith as Jacob “Jake” Landry, Al Mukadam as Brayden “Brady” Dhawan, Siddharth Sharma as teenage Brayden Dhawan, Nigel Whitmey as Byron Groff, Samora Smallwood as Monica Hill, Monique Jasmine Paul as teenage Monica Hill, Marnie McPhail-Diamond as Rita Richards, Kateam O’Connor as Spencer Hill, Ali Prijono as Zoey, Peyson Rock as Danny Sawyer, Baeyen Hoffman as young Danny Sawyer, Sam Braun as teenage Nick, Kerry James as mature adult Nick, Alex Mallari Jr. as Dr. Andy Stafford, Laura de Carteret as Joyce, Megan Fahlenbock as Jude

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Info: THE WAY HOME is an Canadian Drama TV show from Hallmark Channel created by Heather Conkie, Alexandra Clarke and Marly Reed. The season 2 of the show will premiere on January 2024. You can check out and listen to the complete list of credited songs and the soundtrack above.

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