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Tore Soundtrack. Complete List of Songs / Music from the serie

Tore Soundtrack. Songs Music from Season 1 Soundtrack 2023. What is the name of the song played in the episodes. Complete List of Songs, by episodes, with Music Samples, opening and closing credits and Trailer Songs. Listen to the Soundtrack.

Tore Music Episode 1
Tore Music Episode 2
Tore Music Episode 3
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Season 1: Episode 1 Songs – ‘Something New Will Do You Good’ S01E01

1. Only You – Yazoo
2. Hej Monica – Nic & The Family
3. It’s Not Right But It’s Okay – CHVRCHES
4. I Need Your Love – Chris Dececio & Tenisha Edwards
5. Euphoria – Loreen
6. Yo I Need You Here – Derek Lewars, Hans Bodicker & Leon Duran
7. Kärleken Är Evig – Lena Philipsson
8. Lеt Me Have You for Tonight – Chris Dececio, Sophia May & Adele Roberts
9. In This Shirt – The Irrepressibles

Season 1: Episode 2 Songs – ‘If They Wear Watches, They’re Straight’ S01E02

1. Jag Ger Dig Min Morgon – Fred Akerstrom
2. I Give You the Morning – Kite
3. I Like Boys – Todrick Hall
4. One Day In Your Life (European Version) – Anastacia
5. Easy – Emilie Nicolas

Season 1: Episode 3 Songs – ‘To Speak or to Die’ S01E03

1. Cosmic Dancer – Valerie June
2. Stockholmsvy – Hannes & waterbaby
3. B***h – Skadespelare
4. Brokеn – Isak Danielson
5. Hej Monica – Nic & The Family

Season 1: Episode 4 Songs – ‘With Death as Your Colleague’ S01E04

1. Take On Me – a-ha
2. Sånt Är Livet – Anita Lindblom
3. Visa Mig Hur Man Går Hem (Show Me the Way to Go Home) – Towa Carson, Lars Lönndahl & Mats Olssons Orkester
5. Know I’m Winning – BodaciousThang & Robert Lamond
6. True Colours (Live at the Royal Opera) – Kite
7. Jag Vill Lеva – Lill-Babs


Season 1: Episode 5 Songs – ‘Erik’ S01E05

1. En Tuff Brud I Lyxförpackning – Lill-Babs
2. YouYouYou – Tove Styrke
3. Children of the Heavenly Father – Plumb
4. Show Me Love (feat. Kimberly Anne) – Sam Feldt
5. Hej Monica – Nic & The Family
6. Egomaniac – Highasakigte

Season 1: Episode 6 Songs – ‘Home’ S01E06

1. Bird on The Wire – Simone Istwa
2. Remember To Remember Me – Isak Danielson
3. Händerna Mot Himlen – Petra Marklund
4. Homе – Isak Danielson & Per Storby Jutbring


About Tore:

– When 27-year-old Tore loses the most important person in his life in a garbage truck accident, he does everything he can to suppress his grief. (From IMDb Tore)

Tore Music Songs Season 1

Season 1 Release date:

– October 27, 2023 on Netflix

Cast of Tore:

– William Spetz as Tore, Sanna Sundqvist as Linn, Hannes Fohlin as Erik, Peter Haber as Bosse, Karin Bertling as Heidi, Per Svensson as Per, Lotta Tejle as Ulla, Carlos Romero Cruz as Shady Meat, Victor Iván as Viggo, Doreen Ndagire as Lo, Leo Dahl Elfver as Alfred, Gisela Nilsson as Louise, Vide Sols as Lukas, Christian Wennberg as Johan, Thérèse Brunnander as Gunvor, Gabriella Boris as Ann

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Info: TORE is an Swedish Comedy Drama TV show from Netflix created by William Spetz. The season 1 of the show will premiere on October 2023. You can check out and listen to the complete list of credited songs and the soundtrack above.
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