Troppo Soundtrack

Troppo Soundtrack Songs List

Complete List of Songs / Music from the serie Troppo

S01E06 – Episode 6

  • S01E05 – Episode 5

    S01E02 – Episode 2

  • S01E01 – Episode 1

  • Fight for Who I Am – The Fake Arts & Matthew Simon Clark
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  • O Children – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
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    Troppo cast: Thomas Jane as Ted Conkaffey, Nicole Chamoun as Amanda Pharrell, Peta Wilson as Eve, David Lyons, Sun Park, Simon Lyndon, Yerin Ha, Kate Beahan, Angela Punch McGregor, Thomas Weatherall, Damien Garvey, Cramer Cain, Ling Cooper, Tang
    Release date: 27 February 2022 on ABC TV
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    Soundtrack from the TV Serie Troppo Season 1 2022. Complete List of Songs, by episodes, with Music Samples, opening and closing credits and Trailer Songs. Listen to the Soundtrack.

    18 thoughts on “Troppo Soundtrack”

    1. Phenomenal drama and series rendering of it at a thoughtful pace. The theme song to the series appears to be as much a mystery as the story. Why hide the gem Josh Pyke gave us? The only mistake made in an otherwise flawless work of art.

        1. Written by Josh Pyke not sure if official title is Somebody Take Me Home.
          Lyrics run as follows:
          Underneath all my skin and bones
          – somebody take me home
          Lies an electric humming drone
          – somebody take me home
          ‘Cos the night’s so hot my blood stays cold
          The days are so long i couldn’t hold
          Myself together anymore
          – somebody take me, somebody take me home
          Somebody take me home

    2. Same thoughts as Bruce. Really trying to find the Josh Pyke song either here or on his sites -and can’t find it anywhere!

    3. Michelle Peacock

      I also would like to acquire the soundtrack of ‘Troppo’ for my music playlist – I too am on the search for it

    4. Where can I find the theme song for Troppo? I detest modern popular music, but this short piece is seriously impressive.

    5. I found Troppo a hard slog, but hung in there till the end when finally it all came together. The opening song is amazing, but the end song was even better. So apt by Michael Kiwanuka – Solid Ground. Who found and picked that song – amazing just beautiful.

    6. I’ve been looking too – I thought the theme may have been written by Mattel Zingales (Australian composer particularly for TV) as it had the same sound as the soundtrack for “Harrow” which he wrote.

    7. Good day to whom it may concern

      I am desperately looking for the theme song of Troppo by Josh Pyke. Somebody take me home or is it Skin and bones?
      Please can you help

      Thanking you in advance
      Warm regards

    8. I’m also looking for the theme from this fabulous series. I would like a full verdion of it for my cd collection.

    9. You tube has the Pyke version of “somebody take me home”,but I too am looking for the opening credits one that I can’t get out of my head! Good luck to all of us! I hear there’s going to be a season 2- yay!

    10. Really now no one can’t find this song? If someone know please tell me where I find this songs …somebody take me home!

    11. I’m still searching for the opening theme song and just find contradictory information. Seems like a lot of songs/groups with ‘Troppo’ and a lot of songs named ‘Home’ or variations of it. Doesn’t seem like it should be so difficult to find or buy the mp3. Anybody have any luck yet?

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