Under The Amalfi Sun Soundtrack

Complete List of Songs / Music from the movie Under The Amalfi Sun

  • Un’Estate Al Mare – Boomdabash
  • Yes I Know My Way – Alfredo Veltri, Rossana Ite De Pace
  • Sei La Piu Del Mondo – Lorenzo Zurzolo
  • Solletico – Evelina Ambrogio
  • Gonna Be A Good Day – Aubrey Whitfield
  • Oilì Oilà – Mario Pasquale Costa, Salvatore Di Giacomo
  • Michelemma – Anonimo
  • Get It Kickin – Raphael Lake, Aaron Levy, Royal Baggs
  • Piece Of Your Heart – Medusa, Goodboys
  • Buon Compleano – Carluccio Gaetano
  • Make Me Fly – R. Amorese
  • Flames – David Guetta & Sia
  • Wild Ride – Andrea Christina Obeid, Christopher James Dececio
  • Come Away – Jack Wint-Reilly, Joel Stewart
  • My Love Is Like An Ocean – Micky Steel Hansen, Oscar Neidhardt
  • Show You The Magic – Andrea Christina Obeid, James Oliver Hutchison, Vance Westlake
  • Fiamme Negli Occhi – Coma_Cose
  • Wild Ride – Andrea Christina Obeid, Christopher James Dececio
  • Under The Amalfi Sun cast: Lorenzo Zurzolo as Vincenzo, Isabella Ferrari as Irene, Ludovica Martino as Vincenzo, Luca Ward as Lucio, Davide Calgaro as Furio, Raz Degan, Elena Funari, Nicolas Maupas, Marit Nissenm Andrea Occhipinti, Kyshan Wilson
    Release date: July 13, 2022

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    Soundtrack from the movie Under The Amalfi Sun Sotto il sole di Amalfi 2022. Complete List of Songs, with Music Samples, opening and closing credits and Trailer Songs. Listen to the Soundtrack.

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